Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Light Fixture Fail

I was a bad blogger last week!!  I had a super busy week at my day job and didn't have time to post anything...Anyway, last week the light fixture that I ordered for my foyer finally arrived.  I was so excited to tear into the box and I opened it right away, only to find that the company had sent the wrong color to me!!! I ordered gold leaf and received silver leaf.  In hindsight, this was a blessing in disguise because I also realized that the light fixture is entirely too small for the space and would have looked silly. If they had sent the correct color I likely would have kept it and been unhappy. So I've shipped it back and I'm contemplating my options. I specifically have my eyes on these numbers...

 Extra Large Olive Leaf Ceiling Chandelier

Extra Large Olive Leaf Ceiling Chandelier

(larger version of the one I ordered)

 Small Modern Fretwork Frame Lantern

Small Modern Fretwork Frame Lantern

 Clear Smokebell Lantern

Of course, with a more substantial light fixture comes a more substantial price tag, and I'm not excited about that part. I love the look of the lanterns, but we have a short ceiling so I worry about the light hanging too low for walking.  

I finally located a cabinetmaker to start building a kitchen island for us! Now I have kitchen decisions to make, like countertop material, barstools, and pendant lighting.  I'm going for a marble look but I know people have nightmares about marble in kitchens. 

More on that later....if you have any suggestions for me, sound off below!  

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