Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dreaming of Hermés Orange

I have been struggling with a design dilemma lately, specifically in my foyer. When we moved into our house, our foyer was about as blah as a foyer can be.  It's tiny, doesn't get much natural light, and didn't have anything special about it.  

We've jazzed things up a bit since then, staining the floors, replacing the chair rail, and adding moulding. We also papered the walls in Schumacher Mitsu Weave and painted. 

To bring out the detail in the wallpaper's weave, we painted the wall below the chair rail a coordinating brown. This is a close-up of the wallpaper.

And this fab light fixture will be going in soon.

We have come a long way, but I've been conflicted over the lack of color in this space. I've gone back and forth and couldn't figure out a color scheme that would really give me the pop that I want. I added the blue and white jars and orchid to the demilune table as placeholders, but they are definitely not a long-term fix. Then suddenly it came to me last night.  What is the most obvious and amazing color to pair with brown???

Hermés orange!  

 via Pinterest

via Pinterest - love the brown trim on that wall!

via Pinterest

I'm not planning on painting anything, but I definitely need to incorporate some orange accessories.  Maybe a row of small plates hanging vertically on both sides of the mirror?

Bernaurdad Soleil Levant


Herend orange is just as fab to me

And some porcelain on and below the demilune table?

I don't know how this space will turn out, but I'm glad to have a vision and can't wait to add some orange accessories to my foyer!  Have you incorporated orange into your home decor?  Please feel free to comment with suggestions or advice!  


  1. I just found your blog...I love the wallpaper and the new light...great job!

  2. Orange is such a happy color. I am an orange addict & you are def on the right track!


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