Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inside a Home in Historic Atlanta

When my husband and I started our house search, stalking real estate listings became one of my favorite pastimes. I would spend hours looking at houses that were well out of our price range because I enjoyed peeking into historic homes, examining the architectural details and the decor chosen by their owners. That habit did not die after we purchased our house, and I recently noticed that one of my favorite homes in the city is for sale!  This home is located on historic Peachtree Battle Avenue in Buckhead, a commemorative site of the Civil War Battle of Peachtree Creek and one of the most prestigious streets in Atlanta. Join me in taking a look! 
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_0
I used to pass by this house often while walking on Peachtree Battle Avenue, a popular street for walkers and runners due to its wide lanes and gorgeous scenery. This home is far from the largest or most famous on the street, but something about it has always appealed to me. It's probably the chippendale fencing on the front porch which gets me every time. I plan to add this type of fencing to my front porch, but that is far down on my current list of priorities. 

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_1

Beautiful moulding in the foyer, and, of course, I love the wallpaper.

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_11
The moulding continues up the wraparound staircase.
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_2
The blue and white china in the arched built-ins and the window treatments are gorgeous. The lucite table is unexpected in this room but I appreciate the variation from such traditional decor. 

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_3
The formal dining room leads to the kitchen. Notice the large floral arrangement on the buffet.  Real or faux? 
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_4
I love the combination of white and chintz fabrics.  A very soft and peaceful room. 

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_5
The kitchen with amazing grasscloth walls.....
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_7
........and the keeping room off the kitchen.  I love the animal print pillows, grand chandelier and the sconces above the fireplace. 
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_9
The master bedroom. These homeowners have a love for chandeliers and patterned carpets that I can appreciate. 
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_12
One of several guest bedrooms.....
482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_13
....and another. I like the sisal carpet and tropical/floral patterned textiles in these rooms. Those twins beds in the first guest room are adorable. 

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_16
And finally, the outside entertaining patio.....

482 Peachtree Battle Avenue_Photo_17
.....and accompanying garden.  What I would give for a large garden!  These pictures must have been taken before the flowers bloomed. I bet those hydrangeas are absolutely stunning now.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into one of my favorite homes! The full listing is available here and this house can be yours for just $1.4 million!  I think I'll just admire the listing for now! :)

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